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By log in your tracking number can you your package ID by entering the detailed information online following. Do not use spaces or other (+ - / * ? & = ! ') characters. After clicking on the "Track" button on the above, you will be directed to the tracking result page.

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India Shipment Latest Reviews
Twitter Indian User 845343329491419137
Statuses 845343329491419137
Deobratpat: @JeffBezos such a pathatic service in india ,i have paid full amount in advance 12 days ago and i am still waiting…
2017-03-25 00:05:30 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 845291940157501440
Statuses 845291940157501440
ApnastyleI: Attractive Design in Jacquard Cotton Buy from ApnaStyle.In | Get Free Shipment within India | For Order click on...
2017-03-24 20:41:17 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 845284210030100480
Statuses 845284210030100480
ApnastyleI: Stylish Look in this Jacquard Cotton Suit | Order Now and Get Free Shipment within India | For More detail click...
2017-03-24 20:10:34 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 845260102865059841
Statuses 845260102865059841
kkmoneymaker: @dgftindia @nsitharaman @CBEC_India Where do we give the DD of our one Shipment meis claim we took at dgft or at customs? 2/2
2017-03-24 18:34:47 IST.
Tweet 845260102865059841
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Twitter Indian User 845259885407223808
Statuses 845259885407223808
kkmoneymaker: @dgftindia @nsitharaman @CBEC_India We took claim under Meis but 1 Shipment returned from overseas buyer.V want to return our claim back 1/2
2017-03-24 18:33:55 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 845255229230731265
Statuses 845255229230731265
Valuemarkets: ASP (Ascorbyl Palmitate)Qty: 5MT,Origin: India,Shipment-Prompt,Available at Attractive Price,Contact:[email protected]
2017-03-24 18:15:25 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 845231045876310017
Statuses 845231045876310017
DHL_India: @AhadSathi Hi Ahad, this is a domestic shipment, we'll ask @BlueDartTweets to look into this asap.
2017-03-24 16:39:19 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 845205637072146432
Statuses 845205637072146432
DHL_India: @Oz_on_the_road Hi Olivia, plz DM your Shipment Waybill No. along with your contact no. & email ID. We'll get it checked & reach out to you.
2017-03-24 14:58:21 IST.
Tweet 845205637072146432
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Twitter Indian User 845184727489261569
Statuses 845184727489261569
vinodagarwal: @CBEC_India @DIPPGOI Please guide link daily export import Shipment data Indian Ports @nsitharaman @DoC_GoI @CimGOI @SushmaSwaraj @dgftindia
2017-03-24 13:35:16 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 845035070947807233
Statuses 845035070947807233
2017-03-24 03:40:35 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 844999590684319744
Statuses 844999590684319744
marketplaceind: Attention customers: We have been notified that a shipment that left India over 3 weeks ago was routed to...
2017-03-24 01:19:36 IST.
Tweet 844999590684319744
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Twitter Indian User 844989281957502976
Statuses 844989281957502976
prasadmadduri: @Elica_India However today when i spoke to Divya and Sekhar they confirmed the shipment is initiated only on March 21, 2017
2017-03-24 00:38:38 IST.
Tweet 844989281957502976
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Twitter Indian User 844925926882263040
Statuses 844925926882263040
abhishekagr: @FedEx @FedExIndia Highly pathetic and irresponsible staff, you have deployed in India. My shipment returned despite giving all documents.
2017-03-23 20:26:53 IST.
Tweet 844925926882263040
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Twitter Indian User 844904390968389632
Statuses 844904390968389632
DotecLiftassist: International week! Crates ready for shipment to India and Mexico. Handler ready for FAT for Netherlands and Spain.
2017-03-23 19:01:19 IST.
Tweet 844904390968389632
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Twitter Indian User 844739982866604033
Statuses 844739982866604033
Dronavatorvenky: @RailMinIndia our expense for shipment approx Rs 15k of which Rs 2k is official Rs 13k unofficial Make In India 😳🤔
2017-03-23 08:08:01 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 844629719635050496
Statuses 844629719635050496
AFWOrlando: New shipment from India arrives tommorow full of painted furniture and accessories. Should have…
2017-03-23 00:49:52 IST.
Tweet 844629719635050496
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Twitter Indian User 844587101291233282
Statuses 844587101291233282
BGRIndia: 4G feature phone shipment in India estimated to reach 60 million this year: Counterpoint report…
2017-03-22 22:00:31 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 844514733969436672
Statuses 844514733969436672
AroraBoyLucky: @CelergenHealth I am not able to register myself and to place order from India, I found nothing convenient shipment procedure
2017-03-22 17:12:57 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 844507041557303296
Statuses 844507041557303296
daMaiiZ: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Important Steps in an Export Shipment from India
2017-03-22 16:42:23 IST.
Tweet 844507041557303296
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Twitter Indian User 844205862805819392
Statuses 844205862805819392
NadeauChicago: Hi Friends! All new shipment just arrived form India filling us back up with new rosewood and iron pieces :)...
2017-03-21 20:45:36 IST.
Tweet 844205862805819392
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Twitter Indian User 844168050815488001
Statuses 844168050815488001
Valuemarkets: Oleoresin Acerola,Qty: 5MT,Origin: India,Shipment-Prompt,Available at Attractive Price,Contact:[email protected]
2017-03-21 18:15:21 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 844120960915537921
Statuses 844120960915537921
seairexim: Searching #Customs_Import_Duty_rates India Online for Imports. #Shipment #Trade #Importers…
2017-03-21 15:08:14 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 844106765981638657
Statuses 844106765981638657
Aquariano9: @FedExIndia hi will you undertake shipment of raw mangoes within india
2017-03-21 14:11:50 IST.
Tweet 844106765981638657
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Twitter Indian User 844079032761237504
Statuses 844079032761237504
DHL_India: @Sanjit_21 It's a Global Mail shipment, all such shipments are handed over to India Post in India for delivery @DHLPaket
2017-03-21 12:21:38 IST.
Tweet 844079032761237504
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Twitter Indian User 844065470621868032
Statuses 844065470621868032
DHL_India: @Sanjit_21 Hi Sanjit can you check the status with the local post office since it is not a DHL Express Shipment. @DHLPaket
2017-03-21 11:27:44 IST.
Tweet 844065470621868032
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Twitter Indian User 844059255946821632
Statuses 844059255946821632
DHL_India: @mohnrajyadav Hi Mohan it's a domestic shipment, we will ask the @BlueDartTweets to do the needful.
2017-03-21 11:03:03 IST.
Tweet 844059255946821632
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Twitter Indian User 843929318904487939
Statuses 843929318904487939
woodsenseint: Our latest shipment of authentic, #solidwood furniture from India has arrived! For the best selection of one of a k…
2017-03-21 02:26:43 IST.
Tweet 843929318904487939
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Twitter Indian User 843892583373946881
Statuses 843892583373946881
roperralph: Is Shipment and #PortData also Covered under Export Data India?
2017-03-21 00:00:45 IST.
Tweet 843892583373946881
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Twitter Indian User 843849508094013441
Statuses 843849508094013441
carmenalvarezi: @DHL_India Hi! I'm trying to make shipment to Chile from Pushkar. Any recommendations? I would very much appreciate them. Thanks in advance!
2017-03-20 21:09:35 IST.
Tweet 843849508094013441
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Twitter Indian User 843805687855665152
Statuses 843805687855665152
Valuemarkets: Rosemary Extract,Qty: 2 MT,Origin: Morocco/India,Shipment-Prompt,Available at Attractive Price,Contact:[email protected]
2017-03-20 18:15:27 IST.
Tweet 843805687855665152
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